According to each condition, the patient must strictly abide by a series of recommendations prior to each procedure, in order that these can be carried out successfully.

Realización de Gastroscopía para examinación de esófago, el estómago y el duodeno

Preparation for Gastroscopy

For this test to be performed successfully, the stomach is required to be empty at all. Therefore, you should not eat any solid food for 8 hours before the test. You can have chamomile tea, water, or clear drinks four hours before. The person must be accompanied by a responsible adult and if they come by car, be accompanied by another driver.

If the patient takes medications to treat other diseases, such as high blood pressure, do so 2 hours before the exam and with very little water.

Medications for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus should be taken after the procedure.

Preparation for Gastroscopy

Realización de colonoscopía para la examinación del intestino grueso o colon

Preparation for Colonoscopy Video y (PDF) Text

Four days before the procedure, the patient must eat a fiber-free diet (avoid beans, bran, corn, granola, etc.). The day before your diet will be exclusively clear liquids (chamomile, Gatorade, Powerade, clear soft drinks; strained and fresh clear broths, without seeds). You cannot eat any type of solid food, crackers, or pureed vegetables. Is prohibited at all.

In the night before the exam and during the early morning, you must ingest a laxative, to cleanse the colon of the remains of stool that prevent an adequate evaluation of the organ.

To fully carry out the preparation before the study, it is advisable to read carefully the text of the following link:

Preparation for Colonoscopy

Video of the preparation (long version)

Video of the preparation (short version)

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