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Diseases of the anus and rectum are seen by the proctology medical branch. It is approached by surgeons and gastroenterologists, each one according to their specialty and training. Some general surgeons take the proctology subspecialty as an additional study.

We as gastroenterologists are also used to handling proctological problems and we frequently resolve them. Only the most complex cases that need to be referred for surgery (such as a perinatal fistula).

The management of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, perianal itching and other problems of that nature, are usual for us. In some cases, such as hemorrhoid management, we can provide an effective, less painful and cheaper solution than hemorrhoid surgery.

Any rectal bleeding is important to assess and rule out the cause. It is dangerous to assume that they are hemorrhoids and that you do not have to see a doctor. We as specialists assess the case, decide if additional studies such as colonoscopy are necessary and we seek for a solution.

Pain when defecating should be evaluated, it can be due to a thrombosed hemorrhoid (with a clot inside it), a chronic anal fissure (which requires a different and specific treatment) or other causes such as a rectal abscess or an anal tumor. All of this should be assessed in the physical examination. Several of these problems can be handled in the office quickly and easily.

Hemorrhoids can be managed with oral treatment, local creams, or hemorrhoid ligation. Only rarely is major surgery required to resolve them. In our center, hemorrhoid ligation is performed, which is an effective, relatively simple and much cheaper solution for hemorrhoids. It is less invasive than surgery and has a much faster recovery.

Simple sounding problems like anal itching (pruritus) can become a real headache for the patient and require our intervention.

Chronic fissure is another proctological problem with which we have an excellent rate of effectiveness, and grateful patients, because it is very annoying. Very rarely does this problem end in surgery when we take action on the matter.

Tratamientos a enfermedades del ano y recto en la rama médica de proctología


More recommended exam to assess the colon and rectum. It allows us to diagnose and treat various injuries. It is usually referred after 50 years.


A common cause of perianal discomfort and bleeding. They only hurt if there is a clot inside. We can perform very effective ligation of hemorrhoids.


Chronic fissures cause a lot of pain while the patient defecates. You must come for a consultation to examine it and establish the diagnosis. It has a specific treatment.


They are skin folds and are annoying for the patient. They are usually sequelae of previous hemorrhoid problems.


It is a factor that can make perianal problems worse. It is recommended that the patient does not use to last long in the bathroom when defecating.


Bleeding should always be investigated. There may be dangerous causes that generate bleeding and must be evaluated by the doctor.

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